springtime projects

I have a few odds and ends tonight.

recent projects


The museum opened this week, so I have less leeway regarding photos. In the winter, I can set up lights and spend the time necessary to get the shots composed the way I want…not so once the place is open to the public. But, I get more woodworking done this way…less fiddling about.

I started off with some small projects; including a rabbet plane I am working on. This one the body is white oak. At this stage, I am trying to fashion the wedge so that it ejects the shavings…so some tinkering is next.

rabbet plane, white oak w beech wedge


If I were in England, this weekend I would join the Regional Furniture Society for their trip to see the carved chests from Devon. These items were exhibited in Exeter this past fall, but now these folks are getting a close look at those that remain. The RFS has the greatest trips, lectures, etc. They produce an excellent journal; and their newsletters are equally enjoyable. Here’s their link. If you have an interest in furniture history, go ahead & join the RFS. It might be an excuse for a trip to England for you at some point…  http://www.regionalfurnituresociety.com/news_events.htm

 This carved panel I just did (and part of the frame) is inspired by the joined furniture that is part of their focus this weekend…

red oak frame & panel


Down the road from the house here, someone cut out an apple tree. I got some of the wood, and have been making some spoons from it. Today though, I took a small, straight chunk and turned a bowl from it; I still have the other half of the blank this bowl came from, that’s for after the weekend.  The bowl is inspired by Robin Wood’s stuff; I won one of his bowls last year, and have wanted to make some of them since then. I did a few out of cherry; but around here nothing is better than apple for this sort of work. http://www.robin-wood.co.uk/bowls-plates.htm and http://greenwood-carving.blogspot.com/

Also from the same chunks of apple are two brace-heads I turned at the end of the day…there’s a tiny bit in between the brace parts that gets cut out. That’s later though, this wood is sopping wet. 

apple turned work


A lunchtime walk on the beach got me these photos of some great kites this week…



pirate kite


Next to last, I lost a half-hour at least tonight, when my great good friend Heather sent a note about new prints she’s selling of her paintings. I had seen many of these before, but I had to look again.  http://www.heatherneill.com/prints_studio.php

Quaker Stillness, Heather Neill


And now, if any sisters, etc have made it this far,  a twin-fix for those who look for that sort of thing here. Springtime on the Jones…

down by the riverside

4 thoughts on “springtime projects

  1. I was JUST thinking about you…thanks for the link and the look…but you made my week with that photo of the babes by the creek. Pat is going to melt into a puddle when she gets home and sees them. Love to all your spring peepers…

  2. Enjoyed this post very much, Peter. Spring is an exciting time of year. Do you have some hook tools for the bowl turning, or did you turn with gouges? Robin’s work is very inspiring, and I too would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to follow your link.

    I would say the same for Heather Neill’s site. I found it after seeing some of her postings on this blog.

    • Dave,
      I have a couple of hooks made by Mark Atchison; I use these and some small gouges. I am no bowl-turner, just a joiner who turns a few bowls now & then. Some day I am going to go to England to watch Robin turn one, enough of this Youtube stuff…

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