boxes & a chair for sale

wainscot chair
wainscot chair, side view
white oak boxes

today is a VERY dreary day here, weather-wise. Cold, windy & heavy rain…

I spent the morning at this desk, trying to re-learn how to work my website. I rarely work with it, so when I need to update it, it’s a project. What I wanted to add today was an announcement for a Spring-Cleaning Sale. The remaining small boxes (3 altogether) and the wainscot chair pictured here are now 20% off the regular prices. My house is over-run with both chairs and boxes, and if I want to make any more, I have to get these out of here. The income wouldn’t hurt either. So if anyone is inclined, the links are below. PayPal is now part of the gig. Shipping will be additional…I can deliver the chair for folks in the vicinity, the boxes are small enough so that shipping is cheap.

PS: Ahhh, I told you I didn’t know what I was doing with the website – I left off the price of the wainscot chair. Now fixed there, now fixed here.

Boxes were $600, now $480. Wainscot chair was $4,000. Now $3200.



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