Help on the Way

help on the way


Help on the way indeed…

My hard drive crashed. Yikes, what scary stuff. the guys at were able to save my you-know-what…they were great. New hard drive, and all my data was recovered. so here’s my free advice to anyone who wants it:

back it up…

that’s what I’m doing tonight. And I pledge to be more diligent about it from here on in. It’s not like it’s difficult. There’s a 1T external hard drive right next to me here…

more on the MFA cupboard as soon as I get things together. I have to dig up some software, etc…

I was told that this knight was on his way to the New York Islands, to cut down some trees. they have small,  medium and large trees there, & he’s going to cut some. I don’t know which. At least he’s not going to the Redwood Forests… (the suitcase, borrowed from a paleontologist, has his tools for cutting trees in it…I guess he just has the one outfit for his NY trip..)


2 thoughts on “Help on the Way

  1. Peter,

    It is GREAT to hear that, every now and then, someone gets lucky! I look forward to future installments, but you need to get comfortable with everything working OK. Congratulations on saving your you-know-what… ;-)


  2. Cheers for legos. Probably my favorite thing to play with as a kid (and often now with my kids). It pains me to say it, but I guess plastic isn’t all bad.

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