Stray bits; chest & stool

I’ve been sorting through some photos lately…so this post has no focus, other than some odds and ends.  Once the shop got cleaned a bit, I took a few photos. Here’s a joined stool and joined chest I finished this fall. The chest has been here before, in pieces, now it’s done. It was for the museum. The stool is one of several I have been making. I’ll not lack for a place to sit. 

joined chest, white oak & white pine
joined stool, red oak

People often ask about the layout for my carvings, do I draw the pattern on the wood, is there a template, etc. The answer is no and no. But here is a detail of the beginnings of a design, and a similar pattern from a finished box side. I scribe the centerlines, and use the tools to define the pattern. I strike the gouge very firmly, with a mallet. Full depth, one false move, and that’s it.

defining the pattern w gouge
box detail

Here’s the non-woodsy parts. I have been traipsing around a bit in the car lately, in which case I have seen a lot of skies…and I’m reminded how much I enjoy the low-angle sun & winter light. It’s great stuff. For a little while, I was getting out early in the morning for a quick walk. Here’s a sunrise in the Kingston Bay, looking out past Rocky Nook towards the end of Plymouth Beach.

sunrise past Rocky Nook

And last for tonight, I saw this sight one day this fall while having lunch at Plymouth Beach. I wonder if Michelle saw it too…  

plimoth beach banner

4 thoughts on “Stray bits; chest & stool

  1. Peter,

    It sounds like the North pole is moving to Plymouth county tonight, 20″+ A big one indeed..

    Love to see some photos, after you dig yourself out.

    Were you dreaming of a white Christmas?

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