Atlantic white cedar moldings

Atlantic white cedar for moldings

I recently got a small quantity of Atlantic white cedar, which I sometimes use for applied moldings. The log is pretty narrow, so the riven sections are not all that wide. But for moldings it works out OK. I have riven some of it, and then let it dry before planing – yup…let it dry. The stuff is too soppy & soggy for working green. Once it dries, it works like a charm. Plus I can lift the whole log with little or no effort.

Next month I will shoot the process I use to make the moldings from this stuff; but here is a detail of the applied molding, before any finish. In this case, the molding is applied with glue to a frame-and-panel door. I have a little carving left to do where the corners meet.

applied molding

I don’t make these moldings with a scratch stock; but with a dedicated molding plane. This one I made about 1995; it’s reasonable, but not as good as it could be. I hope to get to making some more planes soon; as always, I have great plans for the winter – we’ll see.

molding plane

Meanwhile, for tomorrow I plan on carving this wretched piece of oak into a typical panel. I always harp about the great quality of riven, straight-grained oak that’s freshly worked from the green log. This board is none of those things, but I want to carve it so I can tell readers that you can carve “ordinary” oak – it just is not as much fun, doesn’t look as nice, and is more work to boot. Stay tuned…

flatsawn oak board

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