new carved box

nov box
newest small box

This summer I saw a very nice, small box made in New England, c. 1660-1700. Its real standout feature was its size, and once I saw it, I knew I wanted to make some. I usually don’t make an exact copy of a piece like this, collectors and museums often don’t want their pieces being copied verbatim. Because I benefit greatly from the treatment I get from these sources, I try to keep them happy…

But as expected, I have made several versions of this small box thus far. The first three have all sold, so I did another one last week, and have one more underway. The size is about 5” high, 12 ½” wide, and 7 ½ “deep. I have done some of my usual adaptations; the original was all oak & I have used pine for the lid & bottom. The most significant change I made from the original is that I carved the sides of the box in addition to the front. Most New England boxes were just carved on the front, (there are some exceptions) but to me the sides might as well be carved too…

I wanted to post the box, so just shot the pictures on the kitchen table, thus a slight garish lighting…

A few detail shots, the side carving, the till inside the box. And for once, the rear view. This box is white oak & white pine. It sell for $600. If anyone is interested in one of these boxes, email me. I hope to have time to finish the next one, and make one more before you-know-what.

no vbox end carving detail (2)
side carving
nov box till
till lid
nov box rear view
small box, rear view

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