carving video

Well, I got “Hultman’d” the other day…
for those who don’t know what this means, it refers to Kari Hultman, whose blog “The Village Carpenter” is a regular stop for countless woodworkers. I finally met Kari at the Woodworking in America conference in Valley Forge where she shot & edited a video of one of my presentations there… then she posted it on her website, and I asked if I could stick it here too. she said yes.

thanks for the video work, Kari.


4 thoughts on “carving video

  1. Peter,

    I wish I could have been there at WIA. Thanks to people like Kari, and the crew from Woodworking mag, I feel I at least got a sense of what went on, enough to *really* make me wish I had gone. Kari’s video was enough to get me to follow your blog, I love the work you do, your approach to it. I’m from MA myself, so even when you post your beach pictures, I’m there with you. Thanks for being here, doing what you do.

  2. Peter: Thanks to Kari TVC for her wonderful video essay. You are some kind of carver! As you note, bench hooks at both ends of the workpiece just don’t function all that well. The vibration from the downward carving blows can ultimately free up the workpiece. This actually occured during the video (at approximately 1.14). My favorite shot is the dancing curled shaving responding to your precise powerful downward chops (at 1.32 and onward.) This shows why the holdfast is the tool of choice. Early on, I had a German bench with bench hooks.In time I got two holdfasts and bored some holes. They didn’t hurt the bench one bit. The holdfast presses downward and directly opposes the chopping vibrations with a powerful and resiliant force. You sure are some kind of carver!

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