home again

I returned the other day from the Woodworking in America conference in Valley Forge, PA. It was quite a time; met lots of people, saw many interesting tools & techniques. “Such a long, long time to be gone, & a short time to be there…” To demonstrate to woodworkers makes things so much easier than my usual day job.  

I had only done a couple of woodworking seminar/conference type presentations before. This one went very well, I thought. Best move was having Roy Underhill be the dinner speaker. He keeps your attention to say the least.

I took almost no pictures; except for a few of the old molding planes Larry Williams & Don McConnell brought…

molding planes
molding planes

 Right now, I am in the midst of a couple of days off, hence walking the beach instead of being in the shop.


perfect morning at Plymouth beach
perfect morning at Plymouth beach

So I will get back to posts tomorrow or so…meanwhile, the woodsy part of the web will have plenty of coverage, judging by what is already out there. So I’ll step aside from that. If you want to see a piece that I had a hand in, see this link to a hatchet/handsaw head-to-head. To paraphrase the Bobby Fuller Four, “I fought the saw, & the saw won…”


 Thanks to Kari for the viddie…

3 thoughts on “home again

  1. I agree with Kari. Thanks for being there and sharing your knowledge. And it seemed to me that you’re pretty good at these conference thingies. I woulda thought you were an old hand at it.


  2. Well Peter, I was on vacation in New England with my wife when you were at WIA. We did stop at Plimoth Village, and I took a picture of the Tormek grinder at the end of your bench!

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