one more road trip, Valley Forge, Oct 2-4

It seemed like a good idea at the time…Chris Schwarz wrote to me & asked if I would be a part of the Woodworking in America conference this fall in Valley Forge, PA.

It’s the year for me to travel to weirdo conferences, so I stupidly said yes…(maybe Schwarz didn’t hear about me dis-assembling a period piece at Winterthur & then not being able to get it back together…in front of an audience!)

So here I am just about  getting settled back in the shop after coming from Drew’s place; and I have to get ready to pack a bunch of smelly red oak, some tools & furniture & go back out on the road. Not only that, but the roster of folks presenting is pretty impressive; enough to be intimidating, except for that Underhill guy – he’s hasn’t finished a piece of furniture in 30 years…

I think the only reason I get to go is that no one else will make this funny furniture, so they had to pick me. I told Schwarz I’d do it if he let me sit on on some of the saw-related stuff, so I can learn to use one. I’ll bring my hatchet just in case.

carving a chest panel
carving a chest panel


hewing oak panel
hewing oak panel

(Well, the disclaimer part is I am very much looking forward to this gig; it should be a lot of fun. Now, to get that oak open & planed this week so I can work it the end of the month…)


4 thoughts on “one more road trip, Valley Forge, Oct 2-4

  1. Peter,
    I am looking forward to meeting you and hope you can stop by the Hand Tool Olympics and give a Hatchet demonstration. I told people at St.Charles that saws were for people that can’t use an axe but I don’t think many believed me!

  2. well, yes of course…my tone was meant to be humorous. I am quite thrilled to be included, and I am really looking forward to everything except the packing & driving. Other than that, I can’t wait to be there.

  3. The hatchet work is truly impressive. I’m not sure how you sharpen a hatchet to the point it looks like you could shave with it (not that you would know, but you get my point). I don’t really have the oportunity to rive oak like you do (being in So-Cal) but I’m sure I will love seeing your carving. I really enjoyed seeing your bible box show with that Underhill guy.

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