sketched on a napkin

S Doggett round plane
S Doggett round plane

Many years ago, Rob Tarule showed me this plane at the museum where I work. I don’t remember if Rob bought the plane when he worked there. It’s an unsuspecting enough example. It’s a 7/8″ round plane, probably birch, about 10 1/4″ long.  Made between about 1770s and 1820s; according to A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes by Emil & Martyl Pollak.

 Here is the stamp, reading “S Doggett  Dedham”; probably for Samuel Doggett, Jr. (1751-1831) of Dedham, Massachusetts.  

S Doggett Dedham
S Doggett Dedham

 So that makes it a reasonably old plane, but the reason that I took pictures of this plane is the sketch scratched in the side of it. It looks as if someone scratched a house frame’s “bent” with a knife in the side of the plane, now very faint. well, it takes a bit of raking light, some imagination, etc to make it appear. but I like the idea that some carpenter/housewright took this plane & made this sketch…like we might sketch on a paper napkin…

sketch of house
sketch of house

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