one thing leads to another

Well, I’m not much when it comes to carpentry. I knew the old aluminum screen door had to go; and that I couldn’t abide a factory-made modern wooden door. So I made one, and then of course had to struggle through framing & hanging it.  And that led to new shingles…& on & on.
But today I had help.
willing helpers
willing helpers
As is often the case, the help often has a mind of its own. Apparently, Daniel did not warm up to the chip carving, and thus decided to shingle over it.
so much for chip carving
so much for chip carving
Meanwhile Rose had decided that there was more pressing work elsewhere, and was ready to go.
ready with the tool kit
ready with the tool kit

The kids work at a faster pace than I do; making photography a little trickier. Plus they were smart enough to work in the shade.

home repairs full-speed
home repairs full-speed

10 thoughts on “one thing leads to another

  1. I love the new door, that’s beautiful.
    Hopefully Daniel will allow you to pull the shingles back off your carving, because the detail work is just beautiful. Hope the kids are enjoying a bit of sunshine!

  2. Knowing that entry way I cringe that the delicate carvings are not on the inside… for your great grandchildren to study. But, knowing those burgeoning young humans, I can’t wait to hear how the adventure weaves its way into their narrative.
    And I just love a little woman in a skirt with a tool box !
    Rock on Follansbees.

  3. We’ve been thinking of a screen door for out front. Maybe I’ll get my tool box and Steve and I can make one together! Seriously, beautiful door….beautiful children. Hope everyone is well.

  4. Wow! The beautiful door is only surpassed by the beautiful helpers. I love the detail in the door, of course, but love even more the adorable sub-contractors. Good work on both!

  5. There seems to be some confusion here, on which house the chip carved door belongs to…I was down at PP on Friday to see you and say Hi, but they said it was your day off. (bummer)

    Anyway, over at the Wampanoag Homesite, one of the natives, (Darius) I believe, Spoke of this wonderful door to be hung on the Winslow Home. (mosquito problem) He Also told of a massive ash log that somehow disappeared. Now I’m not fluent in Wampanoag, but something smells fishy here!

    Peter, sorry I didn’t get to see you on this trip, I had a great time! Everybody at the crafts center, was very nice and said comeback . I will call ahead next time.


  6. Love the door, love the pics of the kids. What’s up with the plastic playhouse? Next project, a playhouse by the river. Hope to see you soon – island or mainland?

  7. Looks great but I was looking forward to seeing the door on Winslow house. I did find some great period documentation for both projects:

    “Bring not that which will repell stinging beasts and byting flys for we have doores of screen which will suffice….had we not but log cabins for our chick- hens, we could live here are well as any man in England…” Edward Winslow, Mourt’s Relation. London.1622

  8. Everyone seemed to be having a GRAND time!
    We have a few projects here that could use a bit of”carpentry” if the kids branch out in their endeavors. See you all on the Fourth!
    Big Hugs !!

  9. Everyone seems to be having a GRAND time!
    We always have a few projects here if the kids need to branch out in their “endeavors”.
    See you all on the 4th!.
    Big Hugs!!

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