new kitchen cupboard door

Well, after a 3 1/2 year interruption (the twins) I have resumed my work at re-facing the cupboards in our kitchen…

Perhaps you could guess, but I am doing them in oak, frames & panels. Here with some accents in black walnut & Atlantic white cedar. The whole thing, if it ever gets done, will be a total mix-up of patterns and styles, all falling within the general outline of seventeenth-century stuff. This pattern is copied from stuff from the Connecticut River Valley, c. 1675-1700 give or take.  The panel was a practice piece a while back, so I made the frame this past week or so…and fitted the walnut & cedar the other day. Now some more finish, then start to figure out how it will fit in the scheme of things.

next kitchen cupboard door
next kitchen cupboard door

2 thoughts on “new kitchen cupboard door

  1. Peter:

    The sun burst flowers on the lower half of the panel above, what type of gauge/chisel do use to create the outer saw toothed pattern ring? Do you use a flat chisel or the very slightly curved gauge used in the cleanout of the background to make the vertical chops? I think I see the rest of the steps and tools used, but the outer ring of the flowers has stumped me.


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