new old lathe



I followed a link to this website tonight. I have seen the earlier paintings from these collections, Alexander had lent me a published collection of the 15th-and-16th century examples. But I had never seen the seventeenth-century ones. this turner is from 1601.

Worth a look. I don’t read German, but after a while I could suss out how to sort the images by material or trade, etc. here’s the whole website’s link.

You can follow the links to “themen” then to “materialien” then to “holz” and see most of the woodworking images.

3 thoughts on “new old lathe

  1. Look at the muscle definition in the legs of that turner!! We only see that every 4 years at teh Olympics

  2. Wow, one could spend years at that site. Incredible variety. I found it useful to use the “Subject Terms” tab at the top of the page which allows you to select folio images by occupation, tools, materials, products, etc. It was nice to see in one of the joiners images that he uses many pegs to restrain the stock he is planing. I thought it was only me that had the stock wandering if I just use one stop at the end of the stock!

  3. I thought that was a self portrait! Great site although I still wonder what a woodadjuster does. Must ask some local germans for a translation.

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