carved panel drawing

Bromley carving, H Tanner drawing
Bromley carving, H Tanner drawing

If you read the post last night about the early 20th century photo I saw of a carved panel from a room in London, this drawing will then look familiar. R Francis was kind enough to do more searching than I did last night, & confirmed that the room was indeed at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I did some web-searching today while minding the kids, and couldn’t find a decent photo of the room. But I did find a drawing of it from Henry Tanner’s English Interior Woodwork… (London, Batsford, 1903) – found the drawing on the web, & recognized it as a book I have in decrepit condition in my shop. A quick jaunt down to the shop & I snagged the plates & shot the image above. Here’s the photo from yesterday of the panel, for comparison.

carved panel, London
carved panel, London


when I saw the photo, I said that I hadn’t seen this before. So come to find out, that’s not strictly true. I have the drawing. But my eyes & brain don’t read the drawings as well as they do the photos. I can carve it better from the photo than from the drawing. But it doesn’t hurt to have both…


One thought on “carved panel drawing

  1. This is off thread but going back to the post on “Applied Turnings”, the chest has a drawer with raised panels, how are these made?

    Is it a solid block of wood planed with the center chiseled out or sawn and mitered together?

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