test fit of cupboard case

helpers test-fitting the cupboard section
helpers test-fitting the cupboard section

I thought I might get a little clean-up done around the shop today, but with these two helping, that’s like backing up for a headstart…they did scrutinize the test-fit of the upper case cupboard section I’m making for the MFA.

Tomorrow I plan on fitting the door into the frame, and trimming the rear stiles of this section where they get toenailed to the separate rear frame.

after I clean up what the twins hath wrought…

5 thoughts on “test fit of cupboard case

  1. Peter
    It’s a beautiful thing. I truley enjoy the time when my 9 yr old comes into the shop. I’m not much of a woodworker but I’m learning and so is my son. Hopefully, with the thirty five year head start it will become a part of his life that he can really enjoy. You know a fire in the wood stove, classical music on the radio and the swooooosh of a hand plane. It’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Well, I like that they are familiar with the shop; but right now (3 yrs old) it’s mostly havoc when they come by…but sometimes we use a brace & bit & bore some holes, it’s safe & fun.
    Yes, Kari – son. Daniel & Rose. He was generally running around looking for things to bang with the hammer. I relieved him of it.

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