cupboard restoration

hewing front stile
hewing front stile

I have a client with a 1680s cupboard base, and I am making the upper section for it…one of the three-sided versions, with a door in the front section. The front stiles are therefore five-sided. Here I am hewing an outstanding piece of red oak, preparing it for planing. This log is the best I’ve had in a while, a real pleasure to work.

planing stiles
planing stiles

This log split almost perfectly flat, and the shavings peel off beautifully.

front stile
front stile

Here’s one of the stiles planed; the hewn & riven surface is inside the cupboard, so not really necessary to work it much.

4 thoughts on “cupboard restoration

  1. yes, & yes. but there are museums involved, and sometimes there are issues about posting their stuff online…but I will certainly have the pictures from my shop. Hopefully more besides.

  2. That is a very nice hatchet you are using. It doesn’t appear to be a manufactured item. Did you make it yourself or have it custom made?


  3. Jerry

    It’s my favorite hatchet. I got it years ago as a gift. It’s marked “Fuchs- Cannstatt” with a small picture of a fox etched into it. So, southern German, but I have no idea when it was made. If you ever see one, get it – it’s great.

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