search and seizure

workmanship inspection
workmanship inspection
search & survey
search & survey workmanship inspection
In seventeenth-century London, and several other locations, tradesmen were required to submit to inspections, called “searches” of their workshops and wares, by the Masters and Wardens of the trade companies, (what we would now call “guilds”) The Worshipful Company of Turners of London in their Ordinances of 1608 outline these searches:

“The Master & Wardens together with so many of the Assistants as they shall appoint shall four times in the year or oftener if necessary at convenient times, enter into the Shops, Sollars, Cellars, Booths and Warehouses of any person using the Misterie who shall make, buy, or sell anything thereunto apertaining within the City or suburbs, either Free or Foreign, there to search & survey all manner of Bushel measures, Wood Wares, Works, and also their Journeymen, Servants & apprentices and all their staffs & workmanship and if in their search they shall find any shovels, scoops, busheltrees, washing bowls, chairs, wheels, pails, trays, truggers, wares, wooden measures or any other commodities belonging to the Misterie slightly or not substantially & workmanly wrought with good and sound stuff or any other matter of abuse or misdemeanor, either in Master, Mistress, Apprentice, or Servants, it shall be lawful for those making the search, to seize and carry away the same faulty & deceitful wares, into their Common Hall, that the same may be considered & defaced if cause shall appear and the Master, Wardens & Assistants or the greater part of them may assess a reasonable fine upon the offender so as it exceed not 40 shillings for any one offence, so that others may be warned from making or selling deceitful ware to the discredit of the Misterie, and if any whether free or foreign, be found disobedient to the Master Wardens and Assistants or any three of them in any of their searches, he or they shall be fined not exceeding 40 shillings for every offence.”   (Stone, Worshipful Company of Turners, pp. 264-5)

It happened to me the other day, just after Rose & Daniel’s 3rd birthday. Seems I passed, but I had to clean up after them.

8 thoughts on “search and seizure

  1. Cute kids.LOL, It might be a good idea to hide any nails or hammers that might be about during the “search”.

  2. Good to see the kids! The text shows us what turners made. I miss any reference to furniture parts and ornamentation such as turned table and stool stiles, spindles and split spindles.

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