Autumn 2008

joined stool turning
joined stool turning

Fall is a pretty busy time at the museum where I work, so although I have been doing a lot of woodworking, I have had little time for photography, hence no new posts here in a while. autumn-2008As you can see, the shop is full of furniture-in-progress.

One of the first things I have planned when the dust settles is a series of joined stools, for which I have just started planing the square stiles. One of the photos shows a stile that has been mortised and turned, in white oak this time.

I’ll try to keep up with posting my work here, but at the least, I’ll have stuff coming after Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2008

  1. Love your blog, as a collector, i have always been fascinated by the construction details of early american furniture. Many thanks to you for taking the time to present this information as well as the fabulous joinery. I follow with great interest.

  2. I love your workshop Peter, and feel quite jealous.

    But you really shouldn’t stack those tools across the lathe bed . . .

    As part of my “Risk Assessment” for Public Liability I have to mention that I never do this as there may be:-
    a. Possible damage to operators feet ! &
    b. You might damage your carefully sharpened edges if they fall !

    Good luck to you and I’d like to see the finished item.

    The oak looks very nice…How do YOU deal with the affects of oak (tannin) on your hands ?
    I was recently talking with a guy who works with 200 year old oak from the HMS Victory and his hands were terrible !

    PS The carved panel in the background of the lathe picture looks v. interesting

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