carved oak box again

I haven’t got to much photography lately, thus not many entries on current work. I did snap a quick view of a recent box, almost completed here.

It’s red oak and white pine, and all that remains is a base molding that will run around the front and sides of the bottom. The carving on the front is based on a photograph I saw in Victor Chinnery’s Oak Furniture: the British Tradition, still a great book, now almost 30 years after publication. The carvings on the sides I made up, based on some work I saw years ago while touring parts of England with Chinnery. I’ve been very fortunate to have Vic take me under his wing and show me around bits and pieces of England to view oak furniture in some amazing settings…thanks Vic.

carved oak box Sept 2008
carved oak box Sept 2008

2 thoughts on “carved oak box again

  1. Hi Peter,

    Wonderful box and carving design. The scalloped corners are a really neat treatment.

    I keep telling myself I need to pick up my carving tools again. They mainly have been idle since I lived in the log cabin two decades ago.

    The base mold. On such a box, would molding not traditionally run across the bottom at the back too? I’m looking forward to seeing it complete if you snap a picture when done.

    Thank you. Mike

  2. I may have missed this in your earlier writings. Why the use of pine as the top? I can understand pine as the base of the box as a secondary. I noticed that you used white oak as a top on another box. Do you ever use rived ash in the box work. Is carving rived ash more labor intensive? Is it also tough to find rived walnut?

    Thanks much,


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