turned chair begun

One of the chairs I have started working on is a copy of this seventeenth-century original, now in a private collection. (Thanks to Gavin Ashworth of NYC for the excellent photo)  the chair is made from ash, with an oak board seat. I have started with the spindles, there are 24 of them, in four different lengths. I turned a bunch of them today, but fell just short – got to 23. The shortest ones, below the seat, are only 5 1/4″ long…these are the toughest for me to turn…it’s hard to get the proportions correct. So naturally, I did them late in the day and the last couple were clunkers, so I’ll do a few tomorrow & have them done.

turned chair
turned chair
batch of spindles
batch of spindles

2 thoughts on “turned chair begun

  1. Wonderful chair example to remake, Peter.

    Thank you for the blog and keeping us updated on what you are doing.

    Take care, Mike

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