PF on Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop “

In the winter of 2007, I travled to North Carolina to shoot another episode of Roy Underhill’s PBS program on woodworking, “The Woodwright’s Shop.” I brought along some carved boxes, and we ran down the process as quickly as we could.

I don’t have television here at home, and even if I did, the local PBS does not carry Roy’s program. Some places do, some don’t. But you can view non-current episodes on the web. The link is:

5 thoughts on “PF on Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop “

  1. Great idea with the blog, Peter. I am sure many folks will enjoy following your work here. I enjoyed your episode on the WW Shop. One of my favorites along with Don Weber’s episodes. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking a bit with Roy a few weeks ago at a show in Erie. I have admired his books for a long time. Being a public speaker at times, you may be interested in his non-woodworking book called “Kruschev’s Shoe.” Good stuff.

  2. Peter
    I am trying to figure out if you have recently written a article either in fine woodworking or popular woodworking about the carved boxes that you made on Roy Underhills the Woodwright. I’ve had no luck going back through old magazine issues but know I’ve read one recently.

  3. Hi Peter, We went to school in Vermont – oh so many years ago! – with a Peter Follansbee. Just wondering if you are he? Thanks, Erin

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