JA shoulder plane # 1

This is one I got from Jennie many years ago. Now a prime example came with this tool shipment, so I added that one to my collection and will sell this one. Replacement oak wedge, I marked it with “P” = width of plane is about 15/16″ and length c. 8″. Some wear on the heel where someone struck it with a hammer to loosen the iron. It will clean up well. Look under your bench for some rosewood scraps and make a new wedge. 



JA brace # 3

Pexto #10, didn’t measure the sweep. Is it 10″?

$ 40


JA brace # 6 is a modern Stanley, plastic handles. Great condition.

$ 30


JA reamer # 2

A small, hand-reamer. Unfortunately also has a twist to it. Nice old handle, probably original.






JA brace # 1       SOLD

a Spofford brace, sweep is quite large. An 18″ sweep on this one. This one is marked “Fray”

JA brace # 1

$ 50    SOLD


JA brace # 2    SOLD

Can’t find a mark on this Spofford brace. Another large sweep, this time 14″. Handle is repaired w copper binding, instead of the usual pewter. But what do I know, maybe it was always this way. I doubt it.

JA brace # 2

$ 50    SOLD



JA brace # 4     SOLD

Bell System, 10″ sweep, Universal chuck. (next brace is the same thing, different size)  I see these were made by Stanley for the phone company. when there was only one…both of these are marked “Yankee” on their heads. I see pristine clean examples asking for over $100 on the web; but that’s crazy. You can brush these up, I’m out of time in November. 

JA brace # 4, Universal chuck

“Yankee” imprint

$45               SOLD


JA brace # 5. –  SOLD

Same as before, Bell System, but smaller sweep. this time 8″ . JA has kindly noted again that this one has a Universal chuck. Means it will hold many styles of bits easily.

JA brace # 5

detail of the Bell System braces

$45 –  SOLD



Now back to some Spofford chucks, these are all-metal braces. One single-ton, and then four smaller ones. All want a cleaning. 

JA brace # 7, 10″ sweep Spofford.    SOLD

Then there’s four that are close enough that I can’t tell the difference. smaller sweep, 8″.  Four braces so I will call them JA braces #s 8-11.

JA braces 7-11

JA brace # 7 = $30 –  SOLD

JA braces #8-11;   $25   each  – ALL FOUR  SOLD


JA reamer # 1 –  SOLD

A large reamer, forged. Has a bit of twist in the shank. But should still work OK.

JA reamer # 1

JA reamer # 1 showing twist

$30 –  SOLD




JA shoulder plane # 2 –  SOLD

This one’s a project. But it could become something special. It’s big, 1 1/2″ wide, about 8 1/2″ long. Is missing all its wooden infills. Somenone made an oak piece to wedge the iron into the stock.

JA shoulder plane # 2

JA shoulder plane # 2 apart

$45 –  SOLD


JA Stanley rabbet plane, # 79. –  SOLD

Not terribly old, made in England. But never used, in box. a double rabbet plane.

Stanley # 79 w box

JA Stanley # 79

$40 –   SOLD

15 Responses to “TOOLS FOR SALE: BRACES, etc”

  1. Derek Says:

    Hi Peter,

    I’ll take brace 2 and 7, please!


  2. Derek Says:

    Hi Peter,

    sorry, my boy, Ian needs one of the smaller ones, too, please…..he’s only 21 months, so he’ll grow into it!


  3. Mark Poulsen Says:

    Hello Peter,

    I’ll jump on JA shoulder plane #2. Interesting infill project.


  4. bearlimvere Says:

    Hi Peter!

    I would like one of the smaller Spofford braces (JA braces #8-11), and JA brace # 4

  5. Robert Wynne Says:


    I’l1 take JA#1 need a bigger brace.


  6. David Cockey Says:

    I’d like one of the smaller Spofford braces (#8-11) and

  7. If any of the 8″ braces are not claimed, I’ll take one!

  8. Eric Erb Says:

    ditto mike, if there’s a small spofford brace left…
    -Eric Erb

  9. Derek Says:

    Hi Peter,

    If you still have it, I’ll take the reamer #1 as well….could be fun to play with!


    1. Rick Vanden Heuvel Says:

      Hey Derek, Would you mind if I buy reamer #1? You have many items already claimed, and I never get to reply in time.

      1. pfollansbee Says:

        Rick et al: I usually stay out of these discussions, but even if Derek is willing to give up the reamer, there is someone between his call on it & yours…
        One small wrinkle is that I tell folks they can either comment here or email me. Next time I’ll just do it with comments, so everyone can see what’s happening. You don’t see the emails that claim stuff between the comments that appear here.
        Remember too, there’s loads of tools at Hyperkitten, Patrick Leach’s monthly sale, Ed Lebetkin’s shop at the Woodwright’s School. And elsewhere. If you need the links, see my earlier posts about tool sales, or email me & I will send them.

  10. Scott MacLEOD Says:

    I’ll take the plane kit (shoulder plane #2) if its still available. And the #79 as well


  11. Scott MacLEOD Says:

    Sorry missed Marks comment. If he changes his mind, unlikely as that is, I’ll take it.

    Still like the 79 tho. How do I pay you?

  12. david levine Says:


    I’m just wondering if you have another large (Spofford) brace like #1 – I missed the auction by a few hours but would be happy to purchase another one where it came from.


    david levine

  13. Gavin McCloskey Says:

    Please advise if/when 12″ spoffords become available.

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