hollowing the spoon

First off, I want to thank everyone for the kind response to the spoons. It is much appreciated. The first batch is gone, so I have gathered a few more that are photographed and posted them here. Same as before, if you’d like one, drop me an email or make a comment right here. All the comments make it to my inbox anyway – so either method gets here. First come, first spooned. If for some crazy reason these go as quickly as before, don’t worry. there’s at least 20 more in the basket at my feet…and more in the works besides. I’m going to carve these whether anyone buys them or not. 

All of the spoons are hand-made; using hatchets  & knives. All have some chip-carving on the handles. Woods include cherry, birch, sycamore and some odds & ends. Finish is food-grade linseed oil (flax oil). Shipping is an additional charge of $ 6.00 in the US. Payment is either check or paypal. Email me at peter.follansbee@verizon.net if you would like any of these, or with questions. 

Meanwhile, if you want to see me carve some spoons, watch this episode of Roy Underhill’s PBS show The Woodwright’s Shop  http://www.pbs.org/woodwrightsshop/video/3100/3108.html 

Also I will be adding some new boxes for sale soon. Great for hiding the clutter around the house. Ours are brimming with stuff…

So here is batch two of the spoons – pictures first, then description & price. Write w any questions. If you know someone with too many plastic spoons in their kitchen, set them straight. Send them a link. 

spoon # 13

spoon # 13 back view

SPOON # 13 = large birch serving/cooking spoon. L: 14″ , width of bowl is 3″. Almost translucent in the bowl, an effect often achieved with birch. $60. SOLD

spoon # 15

spoon # 15 rear view

SPOON # 15. Also birch, a straight-sectioned blank. Shovel-shaped bowl. L: 11 7/8″ and width of bowl is 2 1/2″  $45.   SOLD

spoon # 17

spoon # 17 profile

spoon #17 bowl

one more view of spoon # 17

SPOON # 17 – so big it gets four pictures. This one falls in that spoon/sculpture category. Carved from a crook of birch, it’s about 14″ long. the bowl is 2 3/4″ at its widest point. A special serving spoon. $75.  SOLD

spoon # 21

spoon # 21 profile

SPOON #21 – another in a series of birch crooks. This one nearly got a hole in it, light shines through the bowl in one spot. I caught it just in time. A favorite small ladle/serving spoon. L: 8 3/4″  width of bowl 2 1/2″  $50  SOLD

spoon # 23

SPOON # 23 Finally, a spoon small enough to eat with! Holly L: 7 1/4″ width of bowl 1 3/4″  $30.  SOLD

spoon # 24

spoon # 24 profile

SPOON # 24 – a small curving spoon of birch. L: 8 1/2″  width of bowl 1 3/4″ Room for initials on the handle if you’d like. Or a short name. $ 30  SOLD

spoon # 25

spoon # 25 rear view

SPOON # 25 – another eatin’ spoon. Cherry this time, one of my favorite local woods for spoons. The dark heartwood is centered right in the bowl both inside & out. L: 8 1/2″ Width of bowl 1 3/4″    $30.  SOLD

spoon # 26

spoon # 26

SPOON # 26 – another birch eating spoon. A whole run of my chip-carving vocabulary just about… L: 9 1/4″  width of bowl 1 7/8″  $ 30.  SOLD

spoon # 5

spoon # 5

SPOON # 5  – this one belonged in the first batch, but got left behind. Lost in a basket-full. Cherry, showing the great color of the heartwood. L: 9″  width of bowl 2 1/4″  $ 30.   SOLD

spoon # 27

spoon # 27 top view

SPOON # 27 – smallest for last. A cherry crook. One of my favorites, a small serving or eating spoon. L: 6″  width of bowl 2″ +    $ 40.   SOLD

26 Responses to “SPOONS FOR SALE”

  1. Greg Crow Says:

    I’ll take number 5

    1. pfollansbee Says:

      I didn’t even get away from the desk! Thanks, Greg. Send an address, etc & I’ll take care of it. Thanks, Peter

      blog: http://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/

  2. Kevin Cwalina Says:

    Hi Peter, I’d love to get Spoon #27 if its available. -Kevin Cwalina

    1. pfollansbee Says:

      Hi Kevin

      #27 is yours. Paypal OK? I’ll send it out on Monday probably.

      Thanks again Peter

      blog: http://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/

      1. Kevin Cwalina Says:

        paypal is good for me.

  3. Trent Says:

    I’ll take #24 .

  4. If anyone is interested in some more spoons, then visit my blog at nitrousair.blogspot.com Thanks! It would be great if you stop by just to take a look, I’m 16 and carve spoons, kuksas, and bowls. Trying to earn some extra bucks to pay off my tools.

  5. Mike Hamilton Says:

    I’ll take #26

  6. megan (kitchen girl) Says:

    Can i have #25?

  7. genie posnett Says:

    I’d like #13 because I’m left-handed!

  8. scott dahill Says:

    I’d like to buy #23#23grapes if it’s still available … your objets d’ bois sure fly … I’m just not quick enough for this forum/format … bought a Welsh spoon the other day (online) waiting for it to arrive … seller didn’t know what species it’s from … general reckoning? …

    Thanks again,


  9. matthew Says:

    Love the spoons Peter. 1 question what type of knife do you usr for the chip carving?

  10. I would like #17. How do I pay for it and give you shipping info?

  11. Bear Limvere Says:

    Hey Peter — if it’s still available, I’ll take #21!

    1. bearlimvere Says:

      I absolutely LOVE this spoon! Of course, the first thing my wife said is “We’ll have to put that out so it can be seen, but never used – it’s too pretty!”

      1. Trent Says:

        Ha…my wife did the same thing to me. Thought I was buying users when in fact I was buying wall hangers.

      2. bearlimvere Says:

        But it looks wonderful sitting on the display shelf in a nice natural-edge bowl I turned from Palo Verde wood.

  12. Trent Says:

    Someone buy 15!!! Must…resist.

    1. pfollansbee Says:

      but think…you can save on shipping – 2 for one!

      1. pfollansbee Says:

        plus it;s the last one of the batch, all by itself.

      2. Trent Says:

        Arrgh! Send it!

  13. Alexander Says:

    That’s great that your selling your spoons. I’ve been carving them by the dozens when I’m not making kuksas. Your woodwright’s shop episode really helped unlock some of the ‘secrets’ of spoon carving for me. Thanks again for the inspiration.

    Also, I ended up with a nice crook for my viking axe I emailed you about. Let me know if you need a crook or two. I have a couple.

    Thanks again Peter!

  14. Alexander Says:

    All gone! I’m interested in one. Let me know if I can see some photos. It’d be great to have a spoon from a different maker.

  15. Richard Says:

    Hello Peter,
    Looks like I missed my opportunity with your spoons. Hope to see new spoons for sale in the future. I’ll keep my eyes open.

  16. Cheryll Says:

    You make beautiful spoons! I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford your spoons (you do have to make a living for Pete’s sake). It’s wonderful seeing a master’s work. I hope to try my hand at spoons in the near future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  17. Janie machiz Says:

    Let me know when you make more spoons, I would love to purchase one.

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