This year was my first foray into selling my carved spoons. I am grateful for the resounding response to them – really. I’m glad folks like them, I love to carve them…

For December, I have just a few spoons. What that means is you folks bought them as fast as I could make them. Mostly. Then November came & knocked me out, & I got little extra–curricular woodworking done. So here’s some that got left behind before, and a couple of new ones. Leave a comment here if you would like one. Shipping in US is $6.00. Paypal works best, but you can send a check if you do it quickly for holiday delivery. Thanks for looking.


Dec #01  SOLD

A maple spoon left behind from October. Funny how the ones I think the most of are duds, and others fly outta here. If it doesn’t go anywhere this time, it’s off to the kitchen with it.

side view 05

side view 05

Oct spoon 05

Oct spoon 05

Spoons for sale


L:  10″    Width at bowl:  2 1/2″



Dec #02 – SOLD

Another in maple, this time quartered from the branch. So we get the radial flecking grain on the bowl and handle.

maple spoon quartered stock

maple spoon quartered stock

bowl detail

bowl detail

L:  10 1/2″    W: 2 3/8″



Dec #03   SOLD

A serving spoon in cherry. Back to a shape I have been working on for most of this year.

cherry serving spoon

cherry serving spoon

cherry serving spoon

cherry serving spoon

L:  10 3/4″  W:  2 5/8″



Dec # 04 & 05 – SOLD

These were part of a large batch this fall, fell through the cracks. We’ll call the top one #04 and the bottom #05. Cherry.

cherry spoons

cherry spoons

L:  7 1/2″  W: 2″

$40 each. The pair for $75.

6 Responses to “SPOONS FOR SALE: the only ones I will have this month”

  1. Ryan Yount Says:

    Hi Peter. I’ll take #4 and #5

    Ryan Yount

  2. Bill Auld Says:

    Hey Peter –

    I’d like the second one (maple) if still available.


    Bill Auld

  3. Glen Says:

    Hi Peter, I’d like the first spoon on the page please, Dec#01. Could you let me know what postage to Australia on this fella is please?


  4. Colin Says:

    I’ll take the cherry one #3.


  5. FH Says:

    Well, I can’t afford one, but they are works of art. I would launch into a sermon about what art is and is not, but I’d have to pay too much for the Chiropractor’s bill to get everyone’s ears bent back into shape.

    Needless to say, I think your stuff is truly art.

    Have you ever looked at “roux” spoons ala Cajun cooking? How about spatulas for dosa?

    And I also want to say that your website makes the world a better place.


  6. Peter,
    I saw your work and is truly an amazing fine craft in wood. I would love to hear from you whenever you have new spoons available. Do you do smaller ones too?
    All the best

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