I make reproductions of 17th-century joined furniture; boxes, chests, chairs, tables & more. My work follows techniques and methods from the period, all work is done exclusively with hand-tools. Oak is the primary timber used,  pine, maple and ash are also used to a lesser degree. There are examples on the pages here, I’d also be glad to answer questions regarding forms not shown.

4 Responses to “Peter Follansbee, joiner”

  1. Brian Says:

    Hi Mr. Follensbee, I am having trouble finding resources on ‘starting-out;’ I haven’t much experience using true hand-tools, exclusively and would like to learn. Would you be able to point me in a direction? Much thanks, and your work speaks for itself.
    Brian – Mooresville, NC

    1. Bryan Says:

      Head over to see Roy at the woodwright’s school in Pittsboro, NC.

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  3. Sam Crawford Says:

    Dear Mr Follansbee,
    I was fortunate to see you as a guest of Saint Roy on the Woodwrights shop.
    Was wondering if there was more video of your work and found this wonderful website. Wow, I cannot decide on whether the books or DVDs, or both.

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