I usually do it this way:



But this spring I’m doing it the other way:


pound 1

This ash log is a little weird. It has one large knot on one side, and someone started to cross-cut it with a chainsaw. Michael Burrey gave it to me, and I have been pounding & peeling it when I’ve had time. Ordinarily, I like to split the logs into billets, then pound those. That way I can harvest some wood from the log for furniture. But in this case, I don’t need the furniture wood, so just started in pounding.

pound 2


after the first couple of layers are removed, it gets easier. Here, I’m prying (carefully) with my knife to start lifting the splint.


start peel

Then peeling it…

peel 1

If you get to a part where it’s not lifting, you might need to hit it some more…

peel 2

The knife is not doing anything here, except being ready in case it’s needed to snip some stray hangers-on.

peel detail

Rick McKee shot that video in 2012, but now he’s been replaced by an eight-yr old photographer, my son Daniel. Who insisted that I pose…


He then shot a self-portrait. I refuse to use the word “selfie” – there’s only so far I’m willing to go.

photos by DRF



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