Briefly at the shop on New Year’s Day. Making basket rims for work begun a year ago! With all this knitting going on, we’re ripe for some new baskets.

First, riving hickory heartwood, using the shaving horse as a riving brake.

shaving horse as riving brake

then shaving the rims.

shaving hickory heartwood

I steamed them, and bent them around the baskets; an inner & outer rim for each. No time to shoot it, gotta act quickly.

hickory rims

then Daniel & I went to the beach to try to see the snowy owls. But it was bitter cold & windy. Not sure how far we would get, but it was worth a shot.

daniel twitching

This is about as close as we got, there’s a snowy way out on the beach…middle of this shot, above the wrack line. Take my word for it, I had some serious binoculars. So that’s about the view Daniel got. It’s what’s called “BVD” – better view desired.

dead center

We did see lots of dunlin & sanderlings. they’re used to this beach weather.

he's not cold




On our way back, we timed it just right (by accident) to witness this New Year’s Day Plunge. Ouch – I barely can get in that water in the summer. Today was 18 degrees F, with winds making it more like half of that…

plunge 1

plunge 2

plunge 3

plunge 4

plunge 5


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