Today my friends Paula & Marie & I went out to Plymouth Beach in search of the snowy owls. It was the best viewing of these birds we have ever seen…there were at least 4, including the first one we were too stupid to even be watching for. It’s about a 10 minute drive out to where we then walk the end of the beach. We didn’t expect any owls way down near the beginning of the beach road, so we weren’t even looking. So owl # 1 we drove right up to it – didn’t even see it until it flushed & flew.

Then we found three more out near the beach’s tip. All easy viewing, and at one point all three were in the air at once, seemingly just to shift positions. They all landed again and went back to just sitting around being snowy owls.

snowy owl

snowy owl

dark snowy in flight

dark snowy in flgiht 2


When they all flew, it was like a game of musical chairs, then they all settled in on various dune tops. Here, it’s like when my kids screech “I was here first”

I was here first

Marie’s shot is way better than mine:

Marie's shot of 2 snowies

Marie’s shot of 2 snowies

these were two of a very large flock of shorebirds.

sanderling & dunlin

The flock was split apart at one point by a merlin – it was great to see the merlin whiz past, buzzing the owls for good measure, then later we saw it bust apart the flock of maybe 200 shorebirds…at top speed.


We knew on our walk back there was one owl that we left behind, so picked him up en route back to the car. I’ll close w Marie’s shot of this one:

best_owl_dunewhat fun.


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