The crowds are gone now at work. My previous job that actually counted was as a picture-framer. Then, the month of December was insane. Long, harried hours. Now, I work regular hours, but very hectic ones from October through November. Increasingly larger crowds as those two months run on…

Then, it stops. While others head to the shopping fiascos, or football games, or what-have-you, I head to “where they ain’t” as Wee Willie Keeler once said…

Winter’s here, and the time is right for heading to the ….beach? Yup, no summer lolling on the beach for me. I like it best now. Low, raking late afternoon light. No crowds, heck – no people even. Here it was today…


beach view


beach view 3


And I was out there for two reasons – one to finally get out & walk a bit. Breathe some fresh air, and let the wind blow through my head. And to find this guy…

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

But a snowy owl is one bird you just can’t get close to.

Here’s one you can, the wrens love a woodpile.

woodpile wren 2


woodpile wren

Riven red oak & wren

Two of my goals this winter – continue making handmade stuff, and spend as much time as I can outside, someplace quiet.


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