Jones w frost

Jones w frost

This blog is usually about woodworking. Or birds. Sometimes my kids. But not today. The sun is beaming across our frost-covered marsh this AM, and the same sun will shine in Newtown, CT. But the people there are so hurting it makes no difference.

I don’t care about sports. I don’t care about movies & “entertainment”. I only listen to music I’ve heard before. Here at our house, we have no TV connection. I never even play the radio. We get no newspapers. We get to about one movie every three years. We’re falling behind that average & that’s just fine. Few dinners out. Our life revolves around our home & our kids.

Mostly I think about oak furniture. Wooden spoons. Birds of New England. Kids’ education. Handcrafts.

Last night, we got our two 7-yr olds kids to bed, after much talk about Christmas, they tallied how many days were left, – what did they hear last year on Xmas eve, footsteps? Jingle bells? Reindeer? etc.

As out of touch with modern society & culture as I am, I do read the news on the web. I read it last night, after my two were asleep. And it hurt like mad. And I’m sick & tired of reading this shit in the news. Will we ever wake up? My thoughts go out to all who are affected by this tragedy. That should be all of us…

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