earthquake, Maine, Oct 16, 2012

Lots happening. Last night, I felt the little old house wiggle (more like a “thunk”) and heard stuff slosh around a bit. Told the kids, who were going to bed, that a large truck must have just gone by…Rose said “I didn’t hear a truck.” Later, I read about the earthquake in Maine. My first ever experience with one.

Early this month, the local red-tail hawk showed up. Our museum has chickens running around it, and no shortage of¬†chipmunks¬† etc… These hawks become very tolerant of humans. Good for photos, it is.

Red tail hawk, Oct 3

I have been carving some spoons lately, here working on a maple one from a small sapling I removed from the yard to open the view a bit.

hatchet work

said view here:

Jones River


There will be more spoons for sale soon. I went for a walk this morning before work…

leaving the shop

past the forge…

forge and gate

and down the Eel river walkway…

again, a bit further on

another view of the Eel river

Where I collected this crook of cherry, a ladle to be.

cherry crook

I don’t have any time to delve into this chunk of wood until after the weekend. But it looks promising. So, more later.



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