Thanks to all who have responded to the spoon project. I appreciate it.I finally got around to shooting some spoons that I have in a basket here.  Several of you have written worrying that you “missed” the spoons sales. I continue to carve spoons all the time, in spare time. Not much of that lately, with first grade having started, and the tool sale I have been running on the blog as well. But there’s more coming after these. Follow the link, or go to the spoon page on the top banner of the blog’s front page. Email me with any questions. If you want to purchase one of these spoons, just fill out a comment, or send an email. they both get to the same place.

spoon # 39 bowl

If for any reason, anyone is ever unhappy with their spoons from me, I’ll gladly take them back & refund your money. No questions, no hassles. These are for fun, so I don’t want any problems. I can always house more spoons here…

All of them are finished with food-grade flax oil. If you prefer another finish, email me and we can look into a spoon to suit.

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