We went to the beach this AM, I was even able to get in the water at Plymouth Beach, which rarely happens. Here’s the current run-down on the rabbet planes:

Michael Rogen # 1

Jerry Palmer # 2

Bill Rypka # 3

Mike White # 4

Steve Racz  # 5 & # 7

Kevin Cwalina # 6

Megan Shogren # 8

Rusty Burwell # 9

John Dilsaver # 10

So I think that just leaves the grooving plane. NOPE, SOLD.

Eventually there will be more tools. Meanwhile, I’ll try to get back to woodworking, rather than record-keeping & postage. I’ll be in touch with the folks whose names appear above…

Thanks again for helping clean the place up…and Daniel’s hawk is, of course, not for sale. 

Here are the rabbet planes that we have for sale. These will be the last tools for a while, until I get some more up from JA’s place…

I spent a lot of time last night searching the web for prices on rabbet planes. Got way too distracted & almost bought some AJ Wilkinson planes. I ditched out of searching just in time & made up the prices. So most of these are either $30 or $25 plus shipping.

If it’s tools you are looking for, they’re out there. I have recently bought tools from Josh Clark http://www.hyperkitten.com/tools/ForSale/  and Patrick Leach http://www.supertool.com/. Also Ed Lebetkin down at the Woodwright’s School, Ed has no website that I am aware of, but if you are down at Roy’s school, then you know the drill. http://www.woodwrightschool.com/. Another source is Martin Donnelly’s auctions http://www.mjdtools.com/auction/auct_main.htm. And on & on.

Here’s the link to Alexander’s rabbet planes. Also on the header from the front page of the blog.


red tail hawk

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