new chest 2011

I’ve been slogging away at some stuff lately; but nothing Earth-shattering. So for right now, just a few photos of a joined chest I finally finished. It started as a demo for carving one of these panels, then I carved two more for a photo shoot for an article for Popular Woodworking…so once I had the 3 panels, I decided to build a chest to go around them. This one has taken ages, it’s been a “spare time” project. It’s once again derived from the Ipswich,Massachusetts and Devon,England material. I love that carving style. I even carved the end rails; but showed some restraint & left those panels plain.

another view

Here is the interior, showing the till, the pine rear panels & floor. Also, an oak lid. Glued up of three or four radially-split boards. A lot of work to make this lid versus a single-board pine top, but nothing beats the oak lids.


My yard has been busy lately, so I got little done at home. Memorial Day featured things that are yellow. First is a juvenile orchard oriole.

juvenile orchard oriole
the yellow warblers were all over the place, singing their heads off.

yellow warbler

I heard either a car alarm, or a cuckoo off in the distance. Later, the bird showed up, a yell0w-billed cuckoo.  He wasn’t there long, didn’t sing in the yard, and all I got was this photo…

yellow-billed cuckoo

 we had some corn, from goodness-knows-where.

first corn

these yellow roses bloomed

yellow rose

I have heard common yellowthroats in the yard, but haven’t laid eyes on them yet…here’s a female from Marshfield.

common yellowthroat

There were also some things that are not yellow.

female baltimore oriole

Today the kids & I came downstairs and found this dinosaur in the yard. Have to go check the sandpile, to see if there’s eggs laid next to the dumptrucks.

snapping turtle

I thought for a minture that she was headed for the bird bath.

no bath

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