I finally finished assembly of the walnut high chair, except for a footboard. Fitting the arms was a bit of trial & error; they have rectangular tenons where they enter the rear stiles, and a round mortise where the front stile fits. Because of the canted front stiles, this mortise was bored at an angle, and the mortises in the rear stiles are also angled. Some fun making this all work; but in the end I was reasonably satisfied. But no pictures of the process – it took long enough as it is.

final assembly

Then I carved an extra panel – to use for finish sampling. I applied linseed oil, turpentine and some beeswax. Being a child’s chair, the ability to wipe it clean is a concern. My kitchen table is carved, and has remnants of yogurt and oatmeal embedded in the carvings. I could clean them out if I had to, I guess – but where’s the time?

   finish sample

Next up is a joined chest that has lingered in the shop for a couple of years – I have been building it from odds & ends; many of the carvings were from public demos. Two were photographed for an article on carving that I did for Popular Woodworking sometime in the past few years.  Yesterday I started the assembly, in preparation for fitting the till. Here is the chest front, from the inside; with one side inserted, and the cuts for the till. Also you can see a carving-gone-bad, re-used as a muntin.

chest sub-assembly

I pinned the side frames to the front, and then test-fitted the rear section in place. This gives me a chance to scribe the till parts accurately. I’ll dig out some till stock next, cut & fit the till, and then finish pinning the chest. Afte that comes the floor, or bottom of the chest. but that’s getting ahead of things.

assembling the joined chest

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